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MACVOIL™ Unleashes the First All Natural Hair Smoothing


Formula Devoid of Dangerous Chemicals and Carcinogens 

Houston, TX – Jan. 13, 2012 – The Egyptians did it with iron plates, those of the Renaissance used bricks and metal rods, and the Japanese were adept at using heated combs. The methods may vary but women throughout the ages had one goal – straight hair. Now there’s no need for traditional hair smoothing methods with the introduction of the first non-toxic hair smoothing system by MacVoil™.

The professional salon treatment offers a formula rich in all natural botanicals and non-toxic ingredients for formaldehyde free hair smoothing hair care. The revolutionary new treatment by MACVOIL™ utilizes micro-emulsion nanotechnology to deliver powerful keratin therapy that provides smooth hair for months.

There’s no need for gloves, masks and complicated ventilation systems with the MACVOIL™ hair smoothing system. The formula contains no carcinogens or harsh chemicals that can prove hazardous to hair and health. The hair smoothing treatment is appropriate for all hair types and styles. The MACVOIL™ Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment eliminates frizz, moisturizes and detangles for enhanced hair color, leaving locks healthy, smooth  and shiny.

MACVOIL™ utilizes a proprietary blend of ingredients that are certified 100 % botanical. Hand selected from boutique growers, products are formulated in small batches and blended by talented artisans. The firm employs green technology in its exclusive five step water purification process, along with cold water processing to maintain the integrity of each ingredient’s unique properties and product performance.

The  MACVOIL™ Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment was developed by Dr. Frank Tavakoli, a man who has been changing the world of hair care for the past 20 years. Passionate about the environment and dedicated to creating earth-friendly products, Tavakoli’s methods have resulted in specialty hair care solutions that include Shiva, Clio, Silkology and MACVOIL™.  The exclusive line of MACVOIL™ products includes MACVOIL™ Anti-Aging Hair Care, MACVOIL™ Argan and Cypress Oils and MACVOIL™ Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment

Prior to the creation of the  MACVOIL™ Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment, options were limited to Brazilian Blowouts, Thermal Reconditioning and Japanese straightening products that contain ingredients that can cause damage to hair and put users’ health at risk. Canada has banned the use of such products, but many are still using them in the U.S. The release of the  MACVOIL™ Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment provides an all-natural alternative that provides results without dangerous chemicals and adverse effects.

MACVOIL™ Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment represents a major breakthrough in the science of hair care, eliminating the need for dangerous chemicals and processes. The all natural  MACVOIL™ Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment provides the ultimate in smooth, silky hair, without returning to the bricks, metal plates and heated combs of the ancients.

MACVOIL™ can be reached toll-free 800-622-1330, or by visiting the website at http://www.macvoil.com.


MacVoil Introduces Revolutionary Non-Toxic Hair Smoothing System


Through the ages, women have tried a wide variety of methods to straighten hair, from hot bricks to extreme chemical straightening.  Many bald and scarred heads litter the road to extreme hair
straightening…Before jumping on the South of the border crazy train chemical straightening, think twice before applying anything unnaturally chemical to
your hair.  No matter how straight or smooth the brochure promises, don’t put your health at risk, especially when safe, natural smoothing products are readily available.

Frank Tavakoli, an earth loving PhD Chemist is passionate about creating organic professional hair care products.  Tavakoli’s dedication to organic innovation has produced a staggering
number of specialty hair care products including Shiva, Clio, Silkology and MacVoil.  The MacVoil line offers MacVoil Macadamia, MacVoil Argan and Cypress Oils, MacVoil Anti-Aging Hair Care and
last but certainly not least the MacVoil Non-Toxic Hair Smoothing System.

The MacVoil Smoothing System is a safe and effect hair smoothing system that is 100% free of Formaldehyde and other carcinogens.  This hair smoothing system is a fusion of organic ingredients, such as natural Keratin, protein from oats, rice whole wheat, soy and yogurt. When combined with state-of-the-art nano technology the MacVoil Smoothing System delivers
beautiful, smooth, shiny healthy hair without the dangerous side effects of toxic chemicals.

Hair straightening product lines like Brazilian Blowouts, Thermal Reconditioning and Japanese Straightening products may give women straight tresses but it takes several steps and the process can also harm them. Brazilian straightening products are manufactured in Latin America and are not required to include comprehensive labeling that outlines the risks associated with their use. Canada has banned the use of solutions used in Brazilian hair straightening, but the FDA hasn’t done the same in the U.S. The technique is still available for those who want it, though the FDA has issued guidelines regarding ventilation, respirators for technicians and protective equipment.

MacVoil Smoothing System employs green technology with the firm’s proprietary blend of natural ingredients for products that enrich hair naturally. Each and every ingredient found in his company’s products are 100% certified botanical, hand selected from boutique organic growers and artisanally small batch formulated.   Every product begins with their exclusive 5-process purification cold water process ensuring that the botanical extracts & organic molecules remain intact.

So throw away the gloves, masks and don’t worry about adding expensive ventilation systems in your salon. Create smooth shiny healthier hair with the MacVoil Smoothing

MacVoil  can reached toll free by phone at
800-622-1330, or via email with the convenient form on the website.

For more
information, visit the website at http://macvoil.com