Argan Oil:  Hair Therapy produces instant shine, body and healthy hair.  This non-greasy, non-sticky formula strengthens and repairs brittle hair, nourishes the scalp and protects against UV damage and pollution.  Our unique blend of oils also reduces drying time.  Eliminates frizz, and protects hair color – all without any build-up or reside.  Recommended for skin and nails too. This hair therapy restores hair by providing moisture, nourishment and lasting daily protection. Strengthens hair giving it shine and body

Directions:  For healthy, smooth and strikingly silky hair, apply a small amount throughout clean, damp hair.  Apply from end to scalp before blow drying or styling. Precaution: for external use only.

Macademia Argan Cypress:  MacVoil is an ultra light therapeutic treatment that infuses the hair/scalp with moisture & nourishment for tangle free/frizz free/manageable/shiny/smooth & healthy hair.  Macvoil oil with UV protection extends the life of color treated hair, reduces drying time by 35%, & rejuvenates dry/brittle hair back to health.  Great for skin/scalp/nails/cuticles. Orginal therapy treatment is great fro hair skin, nails and cuticles.  It’s great for the scalp and hair

Directions: Apply a small amount to damp or dry hair.  Work it through-out the hair.  Great enhancement to other conditioning/finishing products and be added to color treatment for more vivid/long lasting results.  Precaution: for external use only.

Leave-on Conditioner & High Gloss Shine Spray:    Macvoil anti-aging leave-on/high gloss/shine spray creates soft/smooth condition maximum volume/lift, and intense shine instantly.  Creates invisible veil of shine with no residue, enhances highlights, prevents frizz, protects against humidity /sun/pollutions/heat/dryness. High gloss shine enhances color and highlights, creating volume while instantly revitalizing hair.

Directions: Hold 6-8 inches from head and spray.  For fine hair spray product into hand, then apply it into the hair.  Apply before or after finishing with hot or cold tools.  Gives protection against flat iron, and blow drying.  Precaution:  For external use only.  Avoid spraying in the eyes.  Keep away from children.



MACVOIL Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment  is a revolutionary technology in the field of hair smoothing, rejuvenation and restoration.  Naturally derived Nano Keratin molecules and quaternized hydrolyzed proteins comprise the core of this breakthrough all natural organic hair smoothing procedure.  Not only does our procedure repair damaged hair but it actually stimulates new growth of healthy, shiny, glossy, full bodied hair.  Keratin (hair’s natural building material) breaks down over time, disintegrated and destroyed by exposure to the elements, coloring, chemical treatments, blow drying, curling relaxing, etc, leaving hair dry, frizzy, flat and unmanageable.

Our Botanical Nano Keratin system easily bypasses the cuticle, infusing and perfectly permanently bonding to the structure of hair producing softer, smoother, silkier hair.  MacVoil’s smoothing system eliminates up to 95% of frizz and relaxes the curls to create beautiful flowing hair.  Proprietary botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins, including Omega-3 and protein/collagen restore hair to maximum strength, smoothness and structural integrity, with astonishing results.  Clients rave that “this is a life-changing experience.”

Rich with Botanicals such as: Rosemary, sage, aloe, acai, ivy, walnut, black currant, nettle, thistle, birch leaf, horsetail and multiple flower extracts, to mention a few, help create a natural and invigorating hair care system that is good for both you and the environment.  MacVoil’s natural botanical smoothing system is a luxurious, procedure based on technological breakthrough, innovation & integrity.

Luxury at the risk of your life isn’t luxury at all.  In a world filled with troubles & concerns, dangers & difficulties, trials & tribulations, the last thing you should need to worry about is risking your health over a hair treatment.  MacVoil Smoothing System is a botanical all natural procedure, devoid of any potential harmful ingredients; so safe and gentle that it can be applied without even needing gloves.

Other procedures may need or soon require ventilation systems, masks, breathing apparatuses, client facial protective gear… the list goes on… not so with the MacVoil system.  Usable on anyone of any age, this technique requires no gloves, masks or additional ventilation for the hair stylist or the client.

Most systems on the market today contain hazardous reactive agents, which require protection!  The most common of these agents is Formaldehyde, but many lines of smoothing treatment systems use other forms of Aldehydes and all carry health concerns.

Luxury shouldn’t take all day either.  Traditional smoothing and straightening systems such as the Japanese Straightening, Thermal Reconditioning, and Brazilian Blowouts, have multiple steps and can take hours to do.  Creating the same results, safely in half the time is just one more benefit of the MacVoil Smoothing System

MACVOIL Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment is 100% free of Formaldehyde and other carcinogens.  Receive the highest level of premium all natural ingredients from this gentle hair care system.  Our Nano Quaternized Hydrolyzed ingredients consist of Natural Keratin & proteins from Oat, Rice, Whole Wheat, Soy, Yogurt… only the highest quality all natural ingredients and botanicals are used to give you hair like you’ve never had before!


MACVOIL’S Anti-Aging Hair Care Upon creation hair is already dead.  Constant defilement from the weather & pollutants , even deterioration from standard hair styling, strip hair of its natural and essential oil, vitamins & proteins turning it flat, dry, frizzy and unmanageable.

Only by infusing hair with the materials it is constantly losing can you hope to sustain healthy beautiful hair.  MacVoil’s anti-aging line offers the solution for supplementing hair with the essential building blocks required for youthful magnificent hair.

Nature is beautiful.  This thought stands as inspiration for the creation of the entire MacVoil line.  Organic oils, botanical extracts & herbal essences combined in perfect balance yield an amazing type of product that repairs damaged hair, improving it beyond its original state.

Omega3 promotes hair growth and strength at the follicle level, encouraging new more resilient hair from the root.

In the spirit of nature, animals are never used in product testing, and none of these products contain any animal byproduct so they are vegan friendly.  All of our plastics are 100% recyclable.

MACVOIL Molding Cream is a molding cream with organically grown botanicals, antioxidants, essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins, sunscreen perfect for texturizing, molding, styling, finishing sculpting, firm flexible hold for straight or curly hair. MACVOIL molding cream: Creates perfect long-lasting texture sculpting and sunscreen protection.

Directions:  Work small amount through damp or dry hair.  Create a mood.  Precaution:  For external use only.

MACVOIL Ultra Hold Spray creates maximum control and style retention, humidity resistant, & protects against sun rays.  Provides ultimate shine, body, smooth texture & long-lasting style support.  Therma-A Complex is activated with heat of blow dryer for maximum versatility in style.  Hair Type-All Hair Types.  Use- Hold 6-8 inches away.  Spray evenly for all day hold.  For root boasting-spray on damp hair.  If dogging occurs, rise the spray head under hot water.  All MacVoil Products are shampoo dissolvable.  Warning- Flammable.  Avoid fire, flame, sparks, heat, or smoking during application.  Contents under pressure.  Container may explode if heated; keep away from hot water, radiators, stoves, or any other heat source.  Do not store at temperature above 120F or 50C.  Keep away from reach of children. MACVOIL Ultra Hold Spray:  Maximum control and style retention for maximum styling versatility.

MACVOIL Anti-Aging Shampoo, damage reversion, anti-fade, color safe complex, Sulfate/Phosphate/Paraben free.  With organically grown botanicals, Avocado/Argan/Macadamia/Cypress oil, plant extracts, Amino acid, Vitamin E, Rosemary & Lavender.  Nourishes the follicles, and moisturizes/restores hair to its healthiest state.  Directions: Wet. Lather. Rinse. Repeat if necessary.  Precaution: for external use only  MACVOILShampoo:  Rejuvenating shampoo formulated for damage reversion, anti-fading and anti-aging, provides a scalp cleansing and revitalizing wash.

MACVOIL Anti-Aging Conditioner, damage reversion ingredients creates shiny, smooth, manageable, and healthy hair instantly.  Proprietary triple protein complex infused with nano-ingredients, Moroccan, Macadamia, and Cypress oil restores damaged cuticles to health, and nourishes the follicles.  Directions:  After shampooing, use small amount of conditioner throughout your hair, wait for 30 to 60 seconds then rinse thoroughly.  Precaution: For external use only.  MACVOIL Conditioner: Restorative conditioner that creates silky smooth, manageable, healthy hair through proprietary infusion of MacVoil essential oils at the cuticle and follicle of hair.


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