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Six Ways to Create Your Salon’s Solid Gold On-Line Reputation


Your reputation on-line can be worth its weight in gold – if you manage it properly.

Why? Because clients today can spread the word (both good and bad) to numbers of people that in the days before the Internet were unimaginable.

So how do you manage your reputation so that it pays off for you and your salon?

By being proactive and encouraging your clients to spread the word for you. Rather than take a passive or “organic” approach to reputation management create some simple systems that your clients can use to tell others how much they like being your client.

The positive words they spread will more than counter-act the occasional negative comment or review every business – including your salon, are bound to get.

While you’d probably like to script what your clients write or say about you – don’t – the Google “Gods” have algorithms that’ll create a on-line marketing mess for your salon.

Having said that here are six ways to “help” your clients and fans “help” your reputation.
Have an iPad or laptop handy for the clients to use in the reception area or even in the styling room. Post signs offering “Free Internet Access” and let them know that all you’d like in return is for them to write about their experience on Facebook, Twitter or even email you their story. For this you’ll create a special email address “

Write a line in every email you send or letter you write, receipt that you give or postcard you send to your clients, asking them to leave a review on your salon’s Facebook Page, website, blog or popular review site. Remember your clients are in your corner, they want to help – you just have to let them know exactly how they can.

Post a sign in your salon asking clients with smartphones to leave a review or post a comment on your blog or website, Twitter, Facebook or a review site like Yelp. This little spark could set off a viral wildfire for your salon.
Ask your clients to take photographs of their experiences with you, your salon, the team and your products – they can use their cell-phones and send them to you. Also encourage them to post these photos on their social networks or on review sites (let them know the specific review sites you’d want them posting on)

Create branded T-shirts and give them away to your best clients. Then request that they take photos of themselves in those shirts and post it on-line. Ask them to send you a copy too!

Hold a video creation contest for your clients. Ask them to post videos on U-Tube where they talk about your salon and its products and services. Award the prizes based on the creativity of the video.

These six ideas of involving your clients in helping you boost your on-line reputation will benefit them too – after-all they can say they’re part of the “hottest” or “coolest” (their choice) salon in town.

P.S. Special Thanks to Jim Cockrum of from whose book FREE MARKETING – 101 Low And No-Cost Ways to grow your business online & off, from which I adopted these ideas.

Quotation: Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages – George Washington

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MacVoil Introduces Revolutionary Non-Toxic Hair Smoothing System


Through the ages, women have tried a wide variety of methods to straighten hair, from hot bricks to extreme chemical straightening.  Many bald and scarred heads litter the road to extreme hair
straightening…Before jumping on the South of the border crazy train chemical straightening, think twice before applying anything unnaturally chemical to
your hair.  No matter how straight or smooth the brochure promises, don’t put your health at risk, especially when safe, natural smoothing products are readily available.

Frank Tavakoli, an earth loving PhD Chemist is passionate about creating organic professional hair care products.  Tavakoli’s dedication to organic innovation has produced a staggering
number of specialty hair care products including Shiva, Clio, Silkology and MacVoil.  The MacVoil line offers MacVoil Macadamia, MacVoil Argan and Cypress Oils, MacVoil Anti-Aging Hair Care and
last but certainly not least the MacVoil Non-Toxic Hair Smoothing System.

The MacVoil Smoothing System is a safe and effect hair smoothing system that is 100% free of Formaldehyde and other carcinogens.  This hair smoothing system is a fusion of organic ingredients, such as natural Keratin, protein from oats, rice whole wheat, soy and yogurt. When combined with state-of-the-art nano technology the MacVoil Smoothing System delivers
beautiful, smooth, shiny healthy hair without the dangerous side effects of toxic chemicals.

Hair straightening product lines like Brazilian Blowouts, Thermal Reconditioning and Japanese Straightening products may give women straight tresses but it takes several steps and the process can also harm them. Brazilian straightening products are manufactured in Latin America and are not required to include comprehensive labeling that outlines the risks associated with their use. Canada has banned the use of solutions used in Brazilian hair straightening, but the FDA hasn’t done the same in the U.S. The technique is still available for those who want it, though the FDA has issued guidelines regarding ventilation, respirators for technicians and protective equipment.

MacVoil Smoothing System employs green technology with the firm’s proprietary blend of natural ingredients for products that enrich hair naturally. Each and every ingredient found in his company’s products are 100% certified botanical, hand selected from boutique organic growers and artisanally small batch formulated.   Every product begins with their exclusive 5-process purification cold water process ensuring that the botanical extracts & organic molecules remain intact.

So throw away the gloves, masks and don’t worry about adding expensive ventilation systems in your salon. Create smooth shiny healthier hair with the MacVoil Smoothing

MacVoil  can reached toll free by phone at
800-622-1330, or via email with the convenient form on the website.

For more
information, visit the website at